Area of Practice

Ikuta Hemesath is a medical malpractice firm focusing on representing patients who have been harmed by malpractice and negligence.

Area of Practice Categories

Medical malpractice is the carelessness or negligence by a healthcare provider that directly results in the harm or injury of a patient. When you’ve been hurt by the very people meant to help you, who can you turn to? The skilled medical malpractice attorneys at Ikuta Hemesath have a long history of successfully defending victims of medical negligence.

At times, a physician may wrongly diagnose a healthy patient with a serious medical condition. Consequently, the doctor will prescribe unnecessary treatments that can actually hurt the patient’s health and burden them financially. Bad diagnoses can also cause an undue amount of emotional trauma and suffering for the patient.

If your child was born with a birth injury and you suspect it was a result of negligence or carelessness, the birth injury attorneys at Ikuta Hemesath want to offer you our sincere condolences. We are parents, too, and we know what it is like to feel helpless when your baby is hurt in any way.

If you’ve recently lost a loved one on account of another’s negligence or reckless actions, we are truly sorry for your loss. We understand there is no way to measure the value of a life, and yet we also know that your family is deserving of a proper recovery, closure and compensation. 

When a wrongful death has occurred, it’s important to have the moral support you need and to spend time with close friends and family. The last thing you should have to concern yourself with is finding the right lawyer.

Elder Abuse

When an elderly or dependent adult suffers physical, financial or sexual abuse they often feel helpless and as though they have nowhere to turn for help. The dedicated team of attorneys at Ikuta Hemesath are there to take a stand and fight for the safety and rights of those who have been abused by their caregivers.

Personal Injury

Personal injuries can result from an array of causes — car accidents, slips and falls, dog attacks — the list goes on. If your injury could have been prevented and was due to another’s negligence, we want to help you decide if you should take legal action. Our personal injury attorneys are experienced in a wide range of injuries and have a proven track record of success to go to battle for you.