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What is a Medical Misdiagnosis?

Medical misdiagnosis, or what the healthcare industry refers to as “diagnostic error,” is a common cause of medical malpractice. A medical misdiagnosis occurs when a physician fails to correctly identify a patient’s medical condition, leading to either a delayed or missed diagnosis and leaving a patient’s actual condition untreated. This can lead to improper medical treatment, injury, and even death. “Diagnostic Errors” are linked to nearly 800,000 deaths or permanent disability each year in the United States.*

While any medical condition can be worsened by a misdiagnosis, common sources of serious medical misdiagnosis include:

  • Cancer
  • Stroke
  • Arterial dissection
  • aneurysm
  • Infection
  • Pulmonary embolism
Our attorneys at Ikuta Hemesath offer over 50 years of combined experience in medical malpractice, including medical misdiagnosis and delayed diagnosis. We have helped our clients in Orange County, Los Angeles, and Sacramento recover millions in settlements involving medical misdiagnosis. 

Causes of Medical Misdiagnosis

Medical misdiagnosis can be caused by physician errors including misinterpretation of test results, inadequate knowledge, poor critical thinking skills, a lack of competency, problems in data gathering, and failing to synthesize information. It can also be caused by system-related errors and lack of communication among healthcare providers.

When faced with a medical malpractice claim, insurance companies often try to blame atypical disease presentation or patient-related factors such as providing misleading information as the cause of the misdiagnosis. Our medical malpractice attorneys are skilled at finding and interpreting the evidence to determine the true underlying cause of a medical misdiagnosis, despite the excuses provided by the insurance companies.

Why Choose Ikuta Hemesath Law?

Our medical misdiagnosis attorneys in Orange County possess an extensive knowledge of California’s Medical Malpractice statutes and relevant case law, ensuring that we are well-equipped to navigate the complex legal landscape surrounding medical negligence. At our practice, we prioritize the treatment of every client with the utmost respect, understanding, and privacy, recognizing the sensitive nature of medical malpractice cases.

To bolster our legal expertise, we retain expert witnesses who play a pivotal role in the comprehensive review and assessment of each case, helping to build a strong foundation for our clients’ claims. Additionally, we offer a “No Win, No Fee” policy, meaning that we only charge our clients if we successfully win their case, thus alleviating financial concerns during the pursuit of justice. Our commitment is unwavering, and we use all available legal tools to obtain justice for those who have suffered due to medical misdiagnosis, aiming to provide our clients with the support and compensation they rightfully deserve.

If you or a loved one have been affected by medical misdiagnosis, don’t wait to seek the justice you deserve. Contact us today to schedule a consultation with our experienced attorneys.

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